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A Complete Smart Home Automation Solutions

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Residential Solutions


Enhance Your Living with Smart Lighting Solutions

Imagine a home where the lights respond to your presence, adjusting according to your preferences. At Beyond Alliance, we create such intelligent lighting systems that cater to your needs, ensuring energy efficiency and ambiance control. Say goodbye to traditional switches and welcome a new era of lighting solutions, right at your command.

Shades & Drapes

Get close to nature

Transform your space with motorised shades and drapery systems, featuring exquisite designer fabrics, elegant hardware, and advanced technology. Effortlessly control them from keypads, touch screens, and mobile devices.

Residential Solutions
Home Automation HVAC Solutions


Perfect temperature allways

Achieve the ideal temperature for comfort, health, and well-being with automated smart thermostats. Ensuring the perfect temperature in your home for every season, regardless of the weather outside.


Aesthetic Engraved Keypads

Designer Keypads

Experience Effortless Control with our Automated Keypads combine comfort, lightning-fast response, and user-friendly design, ensuring seamless interactions with your devices. Simplify your life with intuitive technology at your fingertips.

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Safety & Security

Keep an eye on what is most precious from wherever

Enhance Your Peace of Mind as advanced CCTV automated system ensures unparalleled safety and security. With cutting-edge technology and real-time monitoring, protect what matters most with confidence and peace of mind.

Automated Sensors

Automatic sensor

Our automatic sensor technology seamlessly adapts to your needs, providing convenience and efficiency. Experience a smarter, hands-free approach to lighting, climate control, and more, making your everyday life effortless.


Bringing The Virtual World To Life

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