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Quick Action

Effortless Control: Keypad, Touch Screen, Mobile, or Voice Control

Control entire scenes with a simple tap on a keypad, touch screen, or mobile device. Customize scenes or “Quick Actions” to perform just the way you want.

Good Night

The ‘Good Night’ Scene can initiate a sequence that switches off lights and TVs, lowers shades, adjusts the temperature, activates the alarm system, and secures all doors. And Set your hallway, kitchen, and bathroom aglow with a gentle, comforting dimness when you wake up at night.
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The ‘Reading’ scene can adjust lighting, air conditioning, and curtains to create a comfortable environment specifically designed for reading.


The ‘Music’ scene fine-tunes lighting, volume, and air conditioning to your preferred settings – ideal for maintaining focused productivity during long project sessions.
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The ‘Party’ scene lets you instantly set the mood with a single button press. It activates dynamic lighting that highlights key decor elements, along with a personalized playlist that kicks off automatically.

Wake UP

The ‘Wake-Up’ scene gently opens the curtains, gradually increases lighting over five minutes, and adjusts the temperature to your desired comfort level.
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The ‘Gym’ scene is designed to enhance your workout experience. It lowers the temperature for optimal exercise conditions and can even turn on a TV to your favorite station or start a personalized music playlist.


The ‘Movie’ scene Arranges a seamless cinematic experience. It dims the lights, closes the curtains, activates the TV, setup box, and music system when you press play. When the movie is over, it smoothly transitions back to the normal setting.
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