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You Are Control with single application

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Just one app on your phone or tablet controls everything in your home: TV, music, lights, shades, alarms, cameras, door locks, and more.

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Voice control via Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and Josh.

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Monitor and control your home from wherever you are.


Modern control for modern Beyond users

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Touch screen

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smart watch

smart watch

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mobile application

voice recognition

voice control

Use the best mobile app on the market

beyond lights

Revolutionize Your Lighting Experience: Control Lights Individually or All at Once

In today's fast-paced world, where convenience and comfort are paramount, imagine having the power to control your home's lighting with just a push of a button. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, this vision is now a reality. With the latest advancements in smart home lighting systems, you can take full command of your lights, adjusting them individually or all at once to create the perfect ambiance for every occasion.

beyond living room shaed

Motorized Shades and Drapery Systems Transform Any Room into a More Spectacular Space

The beauty of a well-designed room lies not only in its furnishings and decor but also in the way natural light filters through the windows, creating an inviting and dynamic atmosphere. Motorized shades and drapery systems are revolutionizing the way we interact with our window coverings, elevating our living spaces to new levels of comfort, convenience, and aesthetics.

beyond climate

Intelligent Temperature Control: The Key to Ultimate Comfort and Relaxation at Home

Imagine returning home after a vacation to a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, even before you step through the door. Envision your home automatically adjusting its temperature based on the outside weather, the season, or the time of day, creating the perfect ambiance for your comfort and relaxation. It's more than just programming your thermostat; it's the magic of intelligent temperature control that transforms your home into a haven of comfort and relaxation.

beyond security

Enhance Home Security with Automation: Experience Peace of Mind

Home automation offers a new level of control and convenience when it comes to home security. The ability to remotely access and control your security systems, monitor cameras in real-time, and implement automated security routines ensures that you have the ultimate peace of mind.

beyond audio

Effortless Entertainment with Automation: Elevate Your Home with Multiroom Audio

Automation and multiroom audio solutions have revolutionized the way we entertain in our homes. With effortless mood setting through automation, you can create the perfect ambiance for any occasion with a single touch. Multiroom audio solutions take entertainment to new heights, enabling you to enjoy different music in different rooms and providing a customizable and immersive audio experience

beyond videos

Elevate Your Viewing Experience: One Touch Optimization for Every Content

Elevate your viewing experience with one touch optimization for every content type. From cable TV to streaming services and gaming, an integrated control system ensures a unified and effortless entertainment journey. Customize your display settings, tailor audio preferences, and streamline smart home integration to create the perfect ambiance for every moment of entertainment.

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