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Enjoy convenience and numerous smart functions of the intelligent access control system.

ekey's access solutions

The latest generation of ekey fingerprint scanners uses state-of-the-art technology with an area sensor. They thus correspond to the current technological status, which is already known from everyday life, such as from smartphones. At the same time, the access with an ekey fingerprint scanner is more secure than the four-digit code on an ATM card and comparable to the security of an online banking app. All in all, this creates more convenience, flexibility, and security in everyday life.

With the new fingerprint scanner systems from ekey, you will experience a new feeling of comfort and enjoy more flexibility in everyday life. You benefit from a digitized bunch of keys, your front door opens at the touch of a finger, and you can use smart functions

– keyless access

– convenient remote opening

– automatic push notifications

– practical virtual assistant

– and much more

Advantages of fingerprint door access

Enjoy freedom

No more keys, your finger is always on hand. Open the door, close the door, and go!

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional keys! With our innovative solution, you’ll never have to fumble for your keys again. Imagine a world where your finger becomes the ultimate key, always at your fingertips. Whether you’re entering or leaving, the process is as seamless as can be – a simple touch is all it takes to effortlessly open or securely close the door.

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Impossible to lock yourself out

Assign access authorizations via the app and your finger becomes the key

With our advanced technology, managing access to your spaces has never been easier. By simply using our intuitive mobile app, you can effortlessly assign specific access authorizations to individuals of your choice. This seamless process transforms your fingerprint into the ultimate key, granting entry to those you trust.

Smart functions

Thanks to an easy in-app administration, the smart home begins when you get home.

Experience the seamless transition into the world of smart living right from the moment you step through your door. Our user-friendly mobile app brings the power of home automation to your fingertips, making it effortlessly simple to manage your smart home devices and settings.

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Are you feeling uncertain about creating a smart space?

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