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human centric lighting

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Bringing the Virtual World to Life
human centric lighting.

Experience harmonious lights that constantly change to match your mood and need and set a perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Delivering visionary lighting controls based on your geolocation that adapts to your circadian rhythm.

Set Morning, Noon and Night mode, Party mode, Relax mode, Festival mode, Secure mode, and more - it's customizable. It's beyond your imagination. It promotes a good sleep-wake cycle and reinforces mental health and well-being.

aesthetic engraved keypads.

Users say, automating their switchboard made switching easy-breezy and looks elegant. The tick & tap of old switching is a thing of the past, now. Experience the smarter, stylish, and functional switches. We offer varieties of switches in terms of looks and functionality. Moreover, you can access according at your convenience, with a master switch or multiple switches. The choice is yours.

Optimized Temperature.

Not so cold, not so hot. Just the right temperature to make yourself comfortable while sleeping, sitting, reading, unwinding, or working, effortlessly. Eliminate the perplexity of setting the right climate. Because of the temperature and humidity sensors, it will set the heating-colling system automatically.

It can be a significant power saver integration to your home.

shades & drapes.

Start your day by embracing the soft sunlight. Motorized curtains and blinds - an added luxury to your lifestyle. Create scenes by adjusting the shades and letting in just the right amount of natural light with just one tap. Set the timer once and it will smoothly fit into your schedule.

You can also create a unique atmosphere for evening parties, dinner nights, movie nights, or even a gate-to-gather with your family by simply adjusting the shades.

safety & security.

Distance isn't a problem now. Communicate with home from anywhere, anytime. Lock-unlock doors, security alarms, instant notifications on your device, and speaker-camera integrated door security all ensure the safety of your loved ones.

automated sensors.

The purpose of sensors is varied. These include intrusion detection, proximity sensing (recognizing human presence or movement), gas leakage, water leakage, measuring water levels, etc. Designed to cater to these use cases, our motion sensor products are offered after our technical team conducts a feasibility check.